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Has the the education system contributed to the state of unemployment in Kenya?In my view,yes.Success is measured by academic credentials.The system is anchored on passing exams.Talents and other extra skills are seen as a waste of precious time.Young people are drilled to follow a single path with fixed expectations piled

Kasarani cleanup

Jiactivate team in partnership with Kasarani sub county office conducted a clean up and engaged the local youth on the four key issues that affect the youth. Kasarani is a residential place housing a good number young people.This place is yet to experience proper waste management.I feel the youth need


‘Corruption has been an elephant in the room for a long time, ‘the moderator admits as he sets the pace for the discussion. Is corruption systemic?’ Another person asks. How does it manifest in our communities and what are the youth doing about it?,’ comes another question that I feel


JIACTIVATE YOUTH WITH DIFFERENT-ABILITIES “A mind is stretched by new experiences, drops the old norms and doesn’t dare to go back” How many people can you register by tomorrow, for a workshop by the Organization of Africa Youth, at Africa Nazarene University?  The queries had no response so I was excited when


Jiactivate is a platform that urges the youth to voice out the issues that affect them and give possible solutions.During The University of Nairobi Edition,unemployment was one of the greatest challenge that the youth face. As the discussion went on,I felt the state of despair ,the uncertainty of what awaits these

Dear Kenya.

Dear Kenya; You endlessly Practice Ageism to each Generation “Ageism is the stereotyping and discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age; ageism can take many forms, including prejudicial attitudes, discriminatory practices, or institutional policies and practices that perpetuate stereotypical beliefs”- World Health Organization Naturally, every citizen ought

Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 61)

  OUTCOME DOCUMENT February, 2017. 2017 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 61) Kenyan Youth Consultation The sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 13 to 24 March 2017. Priority Theme: Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

50th International Conference on Population and Development Changing Population age Structures and Sustainable Development 3-7 April 2017, New York ICPD 2017 Kenya Youth Coordinated Consultation and Advocacy   Convened by Organisation of Africa Youth-Kenya Bruce House, 30th March, 2017   Background Information When it was passed in 1994, the International Conference on Population and Development Programme of

Youth and Health Projects

This is our key area of focus given the tokenistic nature of youth engagement in health issues like governance, accountability, policy and service delivery. We believe that harnessing African demographic dividend is anchored on robust , equitable, affordable and rights based health care system. Our youth and health programs are largely