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My take on Machakos county jiactivate mtaa youth forum

Listening to the arguments at the Jiactivate youth forum in Machakos,I could feel the desperation  for information,inclusivity in decision and just as simple as someone who will take time,sit down and just listen. These young people have a vision of a county they want to see and are aware of the current situation in their county. Part of the good news is the ability to identify the problem and the possible solution. It was encouraging to see that a few know the ward representatives and some of the county officials.However,there was a noticeable trait that in my view is common among the Kenyan youth, the act of playing the victim, pointing fingers, imagining  that someone else will solve these problems and assuming that we do not have a role to play.

Information is power.The youth have to seek and understand relevant information especially on rights  so that we are aware of what we need demand for.We need to know our local leaders,their roles and the structure of our institutions.Know your ward administrator, walk into those offices,request for information and services then document the requests.These leaders and us are interpendent ,each party has a contribution to make.We have to be informed, get organised, come together and speak as one voice. It is ridiculous to have a group that makes the largest p rcentage of the population as part of the minority ones.

This journey is not a walk in the park,the transition will not be instant change from black to white,there has to be grey moments.We therefore have to be prepared to tackle these barriers along the way.A read culture has to be incultated among us,creativity and innovation in order to package information in a consumable form for part of us who fear volumes.Maximise on the strengths,skills and talents that we posses,synchronise direct the energy to concrete issues.Let us be the change we want to see




By Irene Asuwa, Volunteer Organization of Africa Youth-Kenya