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Championing for Youth- Led Accountability in Family Planning The Family Planning Summit is a convening of the global community on rights based family planning in which new commitments and new solutions are galvanized to move closer to the shared Family Planning 2020 goal of enabling an additional 120 million women and girls to use voluntary modern contraception by


                               PRESS RELEASE “Whatever your Political Colours” campaign launched Nairobi, Kenya 3/07/2017: A new campaign, “Whatever your political colours” has been launched to urge political leaders to prioritize maternal and newborn health in their Political agenda and be accountable to it after the 8th August General Elections The 3-week campaign comes at a

Nurses on strike, the saga continues.

Headlines for three months;  the doctors have dropped their tools, ceased working and watched people lose their lives in demand for  exaggerate salaries and allowances. We can all agree that everyone needs  a well paying source of income to sustain their living standards. However, do we the need for money