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The Kenya, I want is a tribe-full nation. Stop, pause, What? Yes, I want a tribe full Kenya. This is for my generation to understand the youth who are open minded and not delusional by culture or society norms.

I want a Kenya that appreciates tribes, acknowledges the existence of each 47 and every uniqueness and weakness of every tribe. We are not the same, never is any community in the world. In Kenya, we have a tribe that is all brains and elegance, we have a tribe that is all money and investments, we have a tribe that is all physical muscles and skills, we have a tribe that is about culture and figurant colours of life, we have a tribe with language preserved by the winds from the ocean. We have forty-seven tribes and I can pinpoint every good and bad that would complement each other.

Kenya is a single system country like the human anatomy with many parts one body functions as a whole. If the kidney was to tell the stomach, because you don’t look the same, biological and functional different, don’t work the same. The stomach genetics are to digest food while the kidney cleans out toxics, each claims you don’t belong in the body or each claims I can’t work with you because you are a stomach, says the kidney. But the stomach doesn’t cease being part of the body.

If the whole Kenya was one tribe, how would function?  If the whole world was one kind of person what would be the fun in that? However, we are put in to a country, believing in God, I know this fact is sure that God has placed forty-seven kinds of people with 47 cultures and beliefs and languages in one country. Surely GOD knew, we would live together, work together, be great together.

The appreciation of the forty-seven tribes comes with understanding that not every tribe is 100% perfect and socialization and integration is difficult. There is no division in Kenya, each tribe has the same concerns; family, food security, unemployment, healthcare, corruption. If one tribe suffers, all tribes suffers with it. If one tribe succeeds, all tribe shares the benefits. Realistic this Kenya works with the example of the standard gauge railway; we can’t pinpoint one or two tribes that were involved in its constructions but we pinpoint that all tribes are enjoying the four hours to Mombasa

I want the youth of Kenya to know, we cannot live without tribes, acknowledge that fact! We need each tribe for its uniqueness and weaknesses. Neither can we do without other tribes that seem weaker or those we consider more worthy. We need the brains and the money makers for the country’s economy. We need the demographical and the physical muscles for the country’s infrastructure. We need the loyal and the farmers for sustainability. All youth are Kenyan’s future; each tribe is part of it. We need a tribe full Kenya.