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Has the the education system contributed to the state of unemployment in Kenya?In my view,yes.Success is measured by academic credentials.The system is anchored on passing exams.Talents and other extra skills are seen as a waste of precious time.Young people are drilled to follow a single path with fixed expectations piled on us.

Youths are not prepared to face what awaits in the outside world.Most of the new courses in the curriculum that require talent are not taken seriously.Students who take them are dimmed to be wasting time and resources.The youths are expected to take ‘big’ courses,get As,first class and work in a prestigious company.

Some students pass well but have no content at the end of the course and thus become blank graduates.Graduate who cannot take part in an informed intellectual discourse,have no objectives in their arguments.Just nothing to show for the duration spent in the learning institutions.

Our system needs to be reviewed. The youths need to have a diverse menu to pick from.Not everyone is destined to have a white collar job.We need proffessionals in various fields,entrepreneurs who create opportunities for others.Smart innovators and creative minds that will provide new unique spaces.Other importantant skills can also be incorporated in the curriculum.The society requires an all round individual.

Reviewing and restructuring our education system will take some time.In the meantime,something ought to be done to help those who are already in this system,we in the system are the ones to do that.We have to go out of our way to learn other important skills and to improve on our talents.It is our obligation to support our friends who have start ups,we are their market.It takes a combined effort to make these steps.We are the majority and can take this economy to greater heights if we mean to.If we are afraid to take risks then we will always live in fear.We have the urgency of NOW.