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Kasarani cleanup

Jiactivate team in partnership with Kasarani sub county office conducted a clean up and engaged the local youth on the four key issues that affect the youth. Kasarani is a residential place housing a good number young people.This place is yet to experience proper waste management.I feel the youth need to come out,think and act to solve it.The sub county office confirmed that the consituents consists of people between the age of 18 and 35 years who have also admitted that their health is at risk due to poor management of waste.I could not move an inch without interacting with carelessly disposed waste.Individual and collective irresponsibility is evident.Plastics are immobile.We create these ugly piles then look for people to blame for our misplaced artwork.It is ridiculous to paint an eye sore ,sit back and wait for somebody else to erase it for us.The youth need to analyse the manifestos of the aspirants going for the county level seats and find out if issues affecting us such as waste management is included.We also have to verify  their .

Meanwhile residents of Nairobi have to take the initiative to keep the sorrounding condusive for everyone.We also have to be considerate of our wild family,especially the trees.It does not make sense to invest in quality housing in an unhealthy environment.It causes no harm to responsibly dispose domestic waste.

Young people can also come up with ways to make the waste useful again.We walk through valuable mines but are too ignorant and stupidly proud to notice the content.No one wants to get dirty.

Nobody will come and clean our city for us.Nairobi was once a city in the sun,rich in natural resources.The fresh and clear Nairobi River glided within the city,breezes from the evergreen trees teased the skins if those who had the chance to have that wonderful experience.The shades along the footpaths gave a cool shield from the sun.Mwalimu Julius Nyerere once said that there was no need to go to London when we have Nairobi,in Africa.We can bring that pride back to our city.It is time to recreate the city we would all love to reside in and all states would envy.